Smart Contract Audits

Security is becoming more and more of a challenge, especially in the blockchain space. Our comprehensive Smart Contract Audit Service empowers startups to enterprises to launch and maintain their blockchain applications.

Avoid Devastating Errors

Prevention is the best antidote. If you choose to audit your code early in the development lifecycle, you get to prevent devastating vulnerabilities and complex issues after launch.

We provide you with a comprehensive and complete report immediately after performing our Smart Contract Audit, containing vulnerability details and mitigation guidance.

Experience Beats Everything

We've been working with Smart Contracts on Ethereum since early 2017, so we've got our fair share of experience. We always strive to stay on top of current developments by being an active part of the Ethereum community. Working closely with various independent security researchers, we constantly explore new ways to ensure your Smart Contract's safety.

Our Audit Process

Manual Review & Analysis

Multiple auditors go through the smart contract code - line by line - looking for bugs and potential vulnerabilities. We profoundly analyze the implemented logic and its implementation.


Tools & Testnets

Having concluded a manual analysis, we leverage state-of-the-art software to analyze and test your code even further, including methods like fuzz-testing. Additionally, we deploy your smart contracts to a testnet to see how it behaves in reality.

Final Discussion

Having finished the review and analysis independently, our auditors now internally discuss their findings and go through the code once more. The discussion includes possible attack vectors and challenging the protocol in theory and practice.


Our Features


IPFS Hosted
Audit Reports

We host public audit reports on IPFS, so they are here to stay. Even if we go down, your report is always available.


Reports Are Signed On-Chain

We sign the IPFS Hash of the uploaded report on-chain, together with the client. Users can now trust the report and its content.


Verifyable Deployments

Our on-chain registry records the address of your deployed contract. Users can check whether it's the audited version.

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